Our Story


 Welcome to Les Créme Essence.     Simple, honest ingredients and sophisticated Science are handcrafted into an upscale, spa-like experience for use in the comfort of your own home.  We combine the finest, botanical ingredients with our love of beauty and nature to formulate the perfect skincare program for our customers.   My name is Daniel Summers,  and I would like the pleasure of introducing you to my skincare line.

       The story of Les Créme Essence is one in which I am sure many of you can relate.   I was suffering terribly with my own skin.  My face had multiple skin issues, none of which I could fix, no matter how many products I sampled,  home-remedies I tried, or how much money I spent... -and I spent a lot!  I invested seemingly endless hours, dollars and emotion on products, medications and routines that were useless.  It was frustrating and very disheartening.

       It was at this time that my own mother gave me a bar of handcrafted soap.  I had never used handmade soap.. but was eager to try as the ingredient label was far less complicated than those "beauty bars" and skin treatments, through which I had previously suffered.  I would love to end this story here with a wonderful description of my great experience with this bar of soap..  -but unfortunately I never used it!  It was made from Lard, which as some of you may know is Pig's fat!  I just could not do it..  But I knew that there must be other artisan soaps out there who opt for plant oils and butters instead of animal fats...   So after much research, experimenting and testing I began my own soap-making journey, using only plant oils and vegan ingredients whenever possible. 
Not only did my skin become soft, smooth and healthy, but, also did the skin of my family and friends, who soon became the first loyal customers of Les Créme Essence.  This encouraged me to continue my ongoing research in skincare and botanical ingredients. 

      I am proud to say that I now offer a growing line of products for both men and women that contain no animal fats, are cruelty-free, and formulated with the highest quality botanical ingredients, one in particular being Coconut Milk.

     All of the soaps at Les Créme Essence are made from the luxurious Milk of the Coconut.  It is one of our signature ingredients as it is renowned for its soothing, moisturizing and anti-aging properties.

     By combining smart Science with upscale, botanical ingredients, we have succeeded in creating a sophisticated, spa-like experience for every skin type.  Every product at Les Créme Essence is unique in that it keeps its promise. 

Thank you for visiting our little shop and taking the time to explore and rediscover the most beautiful skin in the world, -yours!