Lavender Soap Coconut Milk Soap

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Image of Lavender Soap Coconut Milk Soap
  • Image of Lavender Soap Coconut Milk Soap

This is the Lavender soap of your Dreams. The beautiful essence of this delicate scent envelopes the senses while the skin-loving benefits of real lavender soften and caress the skin.

We use everything from the buds of the Lavender plant, to the aromatic essential lavender oil, renowned for its anti-aging properties.

Also included in our Lavender beauty bar, is the soothing, moisturizing milk of the coconut, which is the Les Crème Essence signature ingredient in all of our soaps. We combine this with Organic, cold pressed, extra-virgin Olive oil to condition and smooth the skin.

Extra virgin olive oil, rich in antioxidants, is first obtained from the pressing of ripe olives. Olive oil contains high levels of natural squalane which penetrates deeply to hold in moisture and lessen the appearance of wrinkles.

Olive Squalane is a much sought-after, anti-aging product that is rarely found in soaps, making this lavender dream bar a reality!

Coconut Milk, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Sustainable Palm Oil, Soybean Oil, Kaolin Clay, Lavender Essential Oil, Laveder Buds.

100% Naturally handcrafted soap
100% Vegan
Free from artificial color, fragrance, detergents and phthalates.

5. oz

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